Monday, March 16, 2015

Fighting for a Living

The world is fast

(or at least less "glacially"

if the movement of glaciers
in our age
still linguistically implies "slow")

an unrecognizable place

one in which
even one-percenter
real estate millionaire tycoons

like Richard Durst

can face trial

(with the possibility
of the death penalty)

for murder.

And one in which

despite a stern warning from Obama saying
"I understand this is important to you
but as you be thinking

about climate change
the economy and jobs

war and peace

maybe way at the bottom
you should be thinking
about marijuana"

there is a possibility

with enough approval
from individual states

(and granted
with the current Congress
with which to reckon)

the drug could become decriminalized
at the federal level

meaning those who chose to partake

many of whom
are often decidedly un-wealthy
(among other things)

wouldn't be arrested.

Until Durst's trial
and it is safe everywhere
to toke in public

we will bide our time

observing some sort of allegory
for our world

in the squared circle

with Mitt Romney
facing Evander Holyfield

in a charity boxing match.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.