Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ignoble Lies

Three physicists
who are attending

the flagship university
of this poet's home state

the University of North Carolina

were a part of the research team
led by Arthur B. McDonald
of Queens University

and Takaaki Kajita
of the University of Tokyo

who today
have won the Nobel Prize in Physics

for experiments demonstrating
that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos
change identities.

Now this is not
to be confused

with the fact that McDonald's

(how dare
some high-falutin' brainiac Canadian
steal such an all-American name)

implementation of select
all-day breakfast items

lets you change
your "nutritional" identity

to something

for example to that
of a person

"who consumes
an Egg McMuffin

or biscuit

(for the McCrory Belt
and surrounding area)

and hash browns

every time

(not just until 10:30 AM)

a Republican candidate

says something
creatively brazen
or insensitive

about why kindergarten teachers
should have

or why we just shouldn't
do anything anyway

about guns

because criminals
will get them anyway."

After all

banning something
only really seems to work

if it pertains
to women's health

or minority voting rights.

(And why risk
needless democracy?)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.