Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Training Up A Child

While it's true
that if Hitler hadn't done

all that
orchestrating-mass-murder stuff
he'd be more widely-regarded

as a hero today
for first lifting
millions of Germans
out of poverty

it's still ill-advised
to quote him

(and even Gandhi
had a few questionable views

though he did stick to
that whole "deliberately avoiding
senseless violence" thing

which certainly
helped his image)

and probably most especially

if you're running
a Christian children's ministry
in Alabama

that aims to help
impoverished kids

even if that quote says

"He alone
who owns the youth
gains the future."

Luckily they did
recognize their mistake
after three days

but they probably
need a better
outdoor advertising publicist.

Even "Hussein" Obama
is probably a better
more moral person

from whom to pluck
an inspirational quote.

(The Son of God
may be everywhere

but frankly
after two thousand years
he's tired of doing ad copy.)

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.