Saturday, June 13, 2015

Decisions in the Right Time

Hillary Clinton has officially
entered the race

with a few controversial messages
aimed at America's non-billionaires

at the rally held
on New York City's Roosevelt Island

such as "It's time
your time

to secure the gains
and move ahead"

and "America can't succeed
unless you succeed"

and "The middle class
needs more growth and more fairness
for a lasting prosperity"

and perhaps most egregiously
"Democracy can't just be
for billionaires and corporations."

Now we await Jeb Bush's response

after he recovers
from his foreign policy trip to Estonia

a tiny European country
that led the world
by legalizing online voting
more than 10 years ago

and almost nine years ago
was visited by his brother George

who became the first sitting president
to do so.

If he is smart
he will play off
his brother's legacy

by distinguishing himself

as Future President of the Past

his "own man"
that will not have made
those same bad decisions

(or at least those
that we found less than desirable)

as George did.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.