Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trump's Beef

It's already past time
for Donald Trump

and his Twitter followers

to start using
a new hashtag

of #TrumpIsBipartisan

after he tweeted
(and deleted)
one idle Thursday in April

that he is willing to work with Democrats
for the good of all

and Bill Clinton
had many policies

he had warmed up to
due to the former president's
pragmatic center-left ideology

that embraced
the business community
and allowed his companies to thrive

but that he just couldn't see
the country

being in that same "position"

(the word he afterwards thought
might incite sensationalist commentary

on unrelated events
rather than serious discussion)

with Hillary.

(As with all
embarrassing tweets

some socialist actor
named Lenny Jacobson had already
captured a screenshot

and was quick to take his words
completely out of context.)

Which of course
is what he meant

by "If Hillary Clinton
can't satisfy her husband

what makes her think
she can satisfy America?"

Which is why Viagra
always includes a warning

to "Seek immediate medical help
if you experience
a presidential career

lasting longer than 4 years."

And hey

it might not hurt
Donald Trump

to pop something blue
in his mouth now

just in case
he wants to be ready
when the moment's right.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.