Sunday, November 2, 2014

Safety Net for The "Also Unemployed"

Mitt Romney

(sounds vaguely familiar
but from where?)

today said on Fox News
that Congress
would quickly pass

a conservative version
of immigration reform

if Republicans took both houses
this Tuesday.

"You're going to see a bill
actually reach the desk 
of the president

if we finally have someone
besides Harry Reid
sitting in the Senate."

Let it be said firstly
that the Senate

passed a sweeping and bipartisan
immigration bill in 2013

but the GOP-controlled House
refused to act on it

and secondly

while assuming
he must have passed the test

required of all
Fox News pundits and guests

(ripping up any advanced
Journalism degrees

and adding them to a heady mix
of that week's Democrat-proposed bills

MSNBC news clips
on good all-American
so-called "obsolete" Betamax

and photos of "happy"
Obamacare beneficiaries

which Headmistress Ann Coulter
then lights on fire

and shoots at
with a 50-caliber BMG rifle)

just who is that?

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.