Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Game of the Union

Everyone knows that every State of the Union address
is made more fun
with the addition of alcohol

but this one is special. 

Whenever Trump tells a lie
take one drink.

Whenever he
in typical needlessly mean and nasty fashion

accuses Democrats
or anyone who is not him
of interfering with the forward progress of the country

take one drink.

Whenever Trump acts like he improved the economy
or that he took any deliberate action
that led to a positive change

as opposed to his (emphasis on) dumb luck

take a drink.

If he directly states or intimates
that bad news about him is fake

take a drink.

If he makes fun of Hillary
or lambastes the author of the book

whom administration officials
granted permission to acquire information
on more than a dozen occasions

take a drink.

And replace "fun" in the first sentence
with "deadly"

if playing the game
for the whole speech.

Do not do that.

so that you forget the remainder of his speech

a win in itself

but avoid overtaxing the liver

play the game for a maximum
of one minute.

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.