Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Ted Yoho

the Tea Party

(yes they somehow
still exist)

congressman of Florida

when asked
by a black constituent

if he considered
the Civil Rights Act of 1964
to be Constitutional
he said

"I wish I could answer
that 100 percent."

(If only he had then
taken the chance
to declare 

his solemn duty
of defending the Act
from people he may know

who actually would
want it stricken
from our record.)

In his defense
many Founding Fathers
owned slaves

and other Fathers
didn't protest enough

for the document
to be changed
in the 18th century

and yes "Constitutional"
is sometimes used casually

to mean "American-ly
moral and correct".

One could almost
feel sorry for congressmen
and women like him

people with ideas
who aren't smart enough
to learn a fact or two 

or wise enough
to pretend to care
about them.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.