Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Ashamed to Admit

Now granting the fact
that expressions
of explicit homophobia

have only relatively recently
started to become "gauche"
in mainstream American opinion

and "gauche" means "left"

and Texas Governor Rick Perry
was just one in a line

of perfectly solid
and erudite conservative challengers
vying for President in 2012

maybe he really did think

that the case
for gay reparative therapy
because of its striking similarities

to rehab
for people with alcoholism

(how did Democrats
never notice this?)

was a compassionate and sensitive
topic on which to expound

in San Francisco.

He acknowledged
a bold-by-GOP-standards

fact that homosexuality
may have
a genetic component

leaving hope for the possibility
that his and others'

simultaneously self-serving
and self-defeating lifestyle
of petty and obstructionist

and downright harmful

can one day be cured

(or at least
have its symptoms
kept in check).

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.