Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Give Them Nothing To Talk About

GQ Magazine
has ranked
the outgoing Texas Governor Rick Perry

number 13
on their "30 Least Influential
People of 2014".

Though the author
told readers
of the unweighted list

"you'll probably assume
we ranked them anyway"

Obama nonetheless came in
at number 2

after "Bono and U2"
and their
"$100 million marketing campaign"
with Apple

to forcefully put their 
initially non-removable new album
of "socially-conscious dad rock"

Songs of Innocence

on every iOS 8-updated phone

including the new iPhone 6
and iPhone 6 Plus.

Maybe that non-noteworthy
"clickbait-y" article
in the entertainment section

of a men's lifestyle magazine
has a point.

Obama could probably
be even more less-influential

if he passed more-than-fewer-the-number
of executive orders
that any president has passed
in over 100 years.

Would the rate
of Republicans in Congress
complaining that Obama is simultaneously

taking not enough action
and taking too much
remain the same?

More or less.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.