Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Chronic State

On Thursday
North Carolina Governor
Pat McCrory

said he would sign
a bill into law
that will allow patients

who suffer
from intractable epilepsy

access to a point-three-percent
treatment called cannabinol (CBD).

McCrory said
"This law will help
ease the suffering

endured by children
from whom
no other treatments

are effective
against their seizures."

Marijuana activists and advocates
point out
that this limited
CBD-only bill

may not be permissive enough
to help a lot of patients

but hey
it's a start

from the man
who back in February

drew 80,000 protesters
to the Moral March
on Raleigh

with a diverse array
of peeps asking him
and his pals

to stop seizing up
North Carolina's

voting rights
women's rights
environmental rights
educational rights

(to name a few)

and pretty much
to start doing right

and just like
mellow out
you know?

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.